Hollywood star Richard Dreyfuss has attacked American TV censors for heavily editing his new TV drama COP SHOP.

The Jaws actor stars opposite Rosie Perez, Rita Moreno and Jay Thomas in the upcoming PBS HOLLYWOOD PRESENTS programme and is disgusted by the harsh censorship following Janet Jackson's infamous Super Bowl exposure in February (04).

The film was screened for critics on Thursday (08JUL04), who heard bleeps instead of the words "s***", "f***" and "c**ksucker".

The OSCAR-winner fumes, "Having now been bleeped, I can now say that it doesn't feel very good. It feels kind of dirty.

"PBS will not prevail against yahoos if they have to stand alone.

"The removal of the words is a real world moral and ethical battle with grimly wrongheaded un-American types who play pick and choose when they define our freedoms of speech and religion as it fits their particular political needs. Office holders should remember that we are not children and shouldn't be patronized or protected from ourselves."

13/07/2004 17:14