British filmmaker Richard Curtis has confirmed he plans to direct everything he writes in the future.

Though Curtis has been a mainstay of British comedy since writing Not the Nine O'Clock News and Blackadder, his film scripts - including Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill - have been entrusted to established directors.

But after directing Love, Actually in 2003 and now new comedy The Boat That Rocked, the 52-year-old has confirmed he plans to take a seat behind the camera in future.

"I think I wanted to direct this one because I probably will direct the films I write from now on," he told ahead of the release of his new film about pirate radio.

Having listened to pirate radio stations during their late 60s heyday, Curtis found his love of music through the overseas broadcast but explained the film has other personal significance.

"There's that scene in the film where Philip Seymour Hoffman says 'These are the best Days Of Our Lives'. And I think that in some ways the film is about a time that a lot of people have between about 20 and 26," he explained.

"A lot of people move into a horrible flat with six people - they hate two of them, like two of them, one of them never washes, one of them has sex with everyone, one of them's never had sex with anyone - and you listen to a lot of the music of your period."

He told "I lived in that sort of house and we listened to Madness and the Specials and the Police and I think in a way the film is autobiographical more about hanging out with your friends and listening to music than it is about my youth where all I was was the little boy who listened to music under my pillow."

The Boat That Rocked is released on April 1st.

30/03/2009 14:28:55