Director/screenwriter Richard Curtis loves to include soggy weddings in his movies because he once had an inspiring time at actor pal David Morrissey's rain-soaked nuptials.

Wet ceremonies have become a common theme in Curtis' movies beginning with Four Weddings and a Funeral, and he has revealed what sparked the idea.

He tells Wenn, "The rainy wedding is a very English experience. Dave Morrissey is one of my best friends and his wedding was unbelievably wet. You couldn't hear any of the speeches that were made. Everybody turned up at the wedding which was at the end of the pier and it was obliterated with rain.

"It had meant (sic) to be the most romantic wedding of all time on a pier in the middle of an English sea and yet we all think back on that as the best wedding we ever went to. The bad things can actually turn out great in life."

Curtis includes another wet wedding in his new film About Time - Rachel MCAdams and Domhnall Gleeson' characters get married in a coastal storm.