Screenwriters Richard Curtis, Paul Haggis and BOBBY MORESCO took home the top prizes for their "liberating" work at the annual Humanitas Prize awards ceremony in Los Angeles yesterday (28JUN06). Haggis and Moresco were awarded $25,000 (GBP14,000) for their smash hit movie CRASH in the feature film category, while Curtis won the prize in the 90-minute category for his Bill Nighy-starring TV film The Girl in the Cafe, based on last year's (05) G8 summit. Crash was hailed by judges "for its call to reach out with respect and compassion to all of our brothers and sisters". Former US vice president Al Gore won a special award for his documentary by about global warming, AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. The Humanitas Prize honours work which serves to "liberate, enrich and unify society".