Richard Burton's final resting place is still causing friction between those who loved him most - 20 years after his death.

The Welsh OSCAR-winner's body currently resides in Celigny, Switzerland, the Alpine retreat where he died in 1984. He was laid to rest there by his last wife SALLY BURTON in a move which still angers his family and former wife DAME ELIZABETH TAYLOR.

CLEOPATRA actress Taylor, who was married to Burton on two separate occasions, wants to have Burton's body exhumed and re-buried in a plot in Pontrhydyfen, Wales, which the couple purchased during their first marriage. Burton's parents are buried in the same cemetery.

Burton's niece, actress SIAN OWEN, says, "The plots are still there and if Liz wants to rest there then she can. We would love to see his remains brought home to Pontrhydyfen.

"But Sally has overall control of the body, not us. He told me it was where he wanted to be buried."

In a further jibe aimed at Sally, Owen says of Taylor, "She was always the love of his life. Even when he was married to other women he phoned her every day without fail."

08/09/2004 13:48