Claims Welsh screen legend Richard Burton was murdered have been rubbished by the actor's youngest brother.

GRAHAM JENKINS disputes the truth as written in an upcoming book and is desperate for author Peter Rydyn to allow the WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? star's memory to rest in peace. Rydyn has spent ten years investigating Burton's last days.

Burton died on 5 August 1984 in Switzerland and the coroner's report cited a brain haemorrhage as the cause of death.

Jenkins claims Rydyn's constant snooping has forced his brother's last wife, SALLY BURTON, to change her telephone number in an attempt to distance herself from the grief caused by his re-investigation of her late husband's death.

Jenkins says, "It's a lot of nonsense. He died of a brain haemorrhage. It's very upsetting for Sally. I was on the phone to her and told her to forget about this man. No way is there any little bit of truth in what he is saying.

"I know what killed my brother - he was an alcoholic. Sally could take this man to court but, at the end of the day, it would just give him more publicity.

"He hasn't tried to contact me but I wouldn't speak to him anyway. Why can't he just let my brother rest in peace?"

Sally Burton has described the impending book as "horrible" and "really distressing".

Rydyn has spent the last decade investigating suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of a number of celebrities including William Holden and Natalie Wood.

He argues, "I operate on a psychological basis - you've got to try to draw information out of people. I also look at hard evidence, like government reports.

"I've got enough on Burton to put the book together and I'm just padding it out now."

30/08/2004 13:48