Billionaire record label boss and adventurer Richard Branson is planning a voyage to the depths of the sea.
The Virgin founder has announced an ambitious new campaign to dive solo to some of the Earth's deepest points with California businessman Chris Welsh.
The two friends unveiled their 18-foot deep-sea submarine in Newport Beach, California on Tuesday (05Apr11).
Welsh is hoping to pilot the first solo submersible to the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench, 36,200 feet under the sea.
He and Branson will then take turns at manning the deep-sea vessel for four upcoming missions.
Branson says, "We'll discover a whole new world and educate the world about secrets hidden in its depths."
The music mogul, who is also planning to take celebrities and the rich and powerful into space onboard his Virgin Galactic rocket, is hoping to turn the deep-sea initiative into a tourism business.
He adds, "We believe there are thousands of people who would like to experience oceans, and become aquanauts."