British mogul SIR Richard Branson was so thrilled with the daredevil activities contestants tackled on his upcoming reality TV, he decided to join them.

Branson's FOX show THE BILLIONAIRE: BRANSON'S QUEST FOR THE BEST will see him taking a group of Americans around the world, reliving his experiences and dealing with business dilemmas. Each week, one contestant will be left behind while the others continue to globetrot.

And Branson is eager to point out there are huge differences between his show and fellow tycoon Donald Trump's executive search series THE Apprentice.

He says, "Donald Trump stands for a particular way of doing business and I think that I stand for a different way of doing business. I like to think that life should be fun, adventurous.

"I've been pulled out of the sea five times by helicopters in my lifetime. I think the contestants will know that and realise that there is a little bit of risk attached to this adventure."

The winner of the show will become an employee at Branson's VIRGIN GROUP.

04/08/2004 09:28