British tycoon Richard Branson's daredevil nature recently got the better of him, when he ended up with a bloody head after a stunt went awry on his new reality TV show.

THE REBEL BILLIONAIRE: BRANSON'S QUEST FOR THE BEST features a group of contestants enduring a range of physical activities in the hope of landing a job within his empire.

And in an episode which aired in America on Tuesday night (16NOV04), Branson took the daredevils to Zimbabwe's Victoria Gorge, where one team member was suspended 110 metres (360 feet) over the Zambezi River, catching teammates as they leapt two metres (seven feet) into his arms.

Anybody who failed to be caught by their teammate plunged hundreds of feet, dangling above the stretch of water until they were pulled up by their harnesses.

After watching all of the contestants take their turn, Branson decided to leap into his contestant's arms. But after stalling on making the jump three times, he finally took the leap - only to miss and plunge.

And even though he ended up with a cut on the side of his face, he still declares, "It was one of the most beautiful dives and swings I could ever imagine. I'm looking forward to doing it again."

18/11/2004 02:31