SIR Richard Branson's life story is set to be turned into a film with HULK star Nick Nolte in the lead.

But Sir Richard, 53, is unhappy with the casting as he'd hoped a younger hunk would portray him.

A source says, "Richard's a bit peeved. He was hoping for someone younger and hipper - like Jude Law, Ewan McGregor or Brad Pitt.

"But he's very flattered they want to do it and there's enough material in his life to make umpteen movies, let alone one."

Sir Richard founded the VIRGIN record label in the 1970s, shooting to fame with Mike Oldfield's classic TUBULAR BELLS album.

In the three decades since his business interest have included a string of record stores, a radio station and even an airline - making him one of Britain's wealthiest men.

24/08/2003 14:31