SIR Richard Attenborough has received a written apology from the family of late acting legend SIR DIRK BOGARDE, after Bogarde's grudge against the director was exposed in a series of recently discovered letters. Bogarde, who was directed by Attenborough in 1977 movie A BRIDGE TOO FAR, apparently turned against the film-maker when his portrayal of real-life soldier BOY BROWNING went down badly with Browning's widow. Bogarde blamed this on Attenborough's direction, and subsequently believed this was the reason he was not considered for a knighthood until his twilight years in 1992. Correspondences from the star to pals referred to the British screen veteran as an "idiot" full of "beaming falsity" - but Bogarde's family are deeply embarrassed by the insulting slurs. Attenborough says, "Dirk did rather bear grudges. "But I've recently had terribly sweet letters from all his family saying, 'Please forgive him for being such a bloody fool.'"