LORD Richard Attenborough's son-in-law MICHAEL HOLLAND has set up an initiative to rebuild the Thai community of Khao Lak - after losing his family when the Indian Ocean tsunami devastated the area (26DEC04).

Holland's mother JANE, 83, wife JANE, 49, and daughter LUCY, 15, were tragically killed in the disaster, and Holland is determined to honour his loved ones as well as the kindness of local people with the KHAO LAK COMMUNITY APPEAL.

He explains, "The only way we can think of to truly remember our families is to help the Thai community.

"We want to repay their generosity because they helped us when they had lost everything."

The fund will rebuild the district's hotels, restaurants and schools - and Holland, a shipbroker, is already succeeding in raising cash for the cause - a charity soccer game in London raked in an impressive $836,000 (GBP460,000).

Holland adds, "We plan to reach a million. The money will rebuild schools and there are plans to build language laboratories where children will learn English in order to secure future jobs in the tourism industry."

31/05/2005 13:57