Screen legend SIR Richard Attenborough begins shooting his new movie next month (SEP03) - just weeks after his 80th birthday.

The energetic GANDHI director has raised the finance for romantic drama CLOSING THE RING - his 12th movie as a director - and will set off to Canada in September (03) with stars Peter O'Toole, Mena Suvari, Ryan Phillippe, BRENDA BLETHYN and Shirley Maclaine.

OSCAR-winner Attenborough is also reportedly courting pop superstar JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE to make an appearance.

The film, written by actor Edward Woodward's son PETER, is based on the real life story of a man given a ring by a dying American World War II airman to return to his girlfriend in the US, and who manages to do so 50 years later.

13/08/2003 13:59