British director SIR Richard Attenborough has rubbished claims he cried uncontrollably when movie GANDHI received a haul of Oscars in the early 1980s. The Jurassic Park filmmaker won the Best Director gong at the 1982 ceremony with the picture receiving eight gongs overall, but Attenborough insists the portrayal of him as a tearful award recipient on satirical 1980s British comedy show SPITTING IMAGE was inaccurate. He says, "Spitting Image used to portray me with tears spraying out of my eyes and it is all based on the story that I was once overcome with emotion at the Oscars. "I'm writing a book with my producing partner, DIANA HAWKINS, and I decided I really must get to the bottom of this. "So I wrote to the Academy in America and asked to see a recording of the 1982 Oscars ceremony when I allegedly started blubbing, and do you know what, I didn't shed a single tear. Not one. So this reputation I have as a blubber has no basis in truth."