Veteran actor LORD Richard Attenborough is recovering at home after spending over a month in hospital.The 85-year-old Oscar winner fell and suffered a knock to the head on 18 December (08).
He slipped into a coma and was admitted to St George's Hospital in Tooting, West London.
The actor/director subsequently regained consciousness but was kept under observation by doctors over Christmas (08) and for most of January (09).
A spokesman for the star announced he has now been deemed well enough to go home, but will have to skip all of his work engagements until his health improves.
The rep tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "He is out of hospital and on the mend but it is a slow process. It was a nasty tumble and he is not as young as he used to be."
And the spokesperson reveals that Attenborough is disappointed that he will not be able to attend the upcoming BAFTA film awards in London on Sunday (08Feb09), adding, "He will be sorry to miss the ceremony, but he has been told he must take it easy. If he was let loose, he would want to run the world. He is getting better, but it takes time."