Review of Keys To The World Album by Richard Ashcroft

Richard Ashcroft
Keys To The World
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Richard Ashcroft Keys To The World Album

Powerful reflection, coupled with a winding guitar led melodies that wander off, at times, but always return to punctuate Richard's banal and bemused philosophising and mark a much welcomed return from The Verve-ster. This is no better captured than in the freewheeling 'Why Not Nothing' and the mournful 'Cry Til The Morning'. Richard's ability to build up feeling and emotion in songs is second to none. He does it with in with his usual craft on this reflective offering and also finds time to fires out a more positive than normal perspective with pride and, dare say it; contentment, via 'Keys To The World.'

Vocally Richard is getting deeper and deeper along with his feelings that reach out and shake you on the spot. 'The World Keeps Turning' is in essence the indie hero's coming to terms with life song that is bold, colourful and very musically crafted; possessing an upbeat guitar jam before the number slows down to touch blues territory. For those, still hung up on finding some to replicate the poignancy, dusty melodies and piercing insight of Bob Dylan and spend their days searching for a modern equivalent, well their search could well be over!

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