Former LFO singer Rich Cronin has been hospitalised in Massachusetts with leukaemia.

The 29-year-old pop hunk was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukaemia last month (MAR05) and is currently undergoing tests, so doctors can determine the exact cause of the disease.

Cronin went through his first round of chemotherapy last week (ends08APR05) and is now awaiting news as to whether or not he will make it into remission.

He was working on his first solo project when he received the devastating news - after complaining of headaches and tiredness.

Members of former boy bands New Kids On The Block, 98 DEGREES and 'N Sync were among the first to offer the SUMMER GIRL singer their best wishes. Meanwhile, Cronin is being forced to pay forhis treatment due to a clerical error by his insurance company.

He says, "It's terrible. They're treating me like a piece of garbage.

"I'm scared to death at this point. It is a nightmare of a situation to be in."

19/04/2005 02:41