Welsh actor Rhys Ifans has landed himself in trouble after it emerged that he assaulted a guest in the early hours of the morning (13 February) in a hotel suite. The Notting Hill actor had attended a pre-BAFTA party and afterwards, went to the St Pancras Renaissance hotel in London, where they continued celebrations.

Theatre producer Andrew Spreadbury-Maher was invited to the party, along with actor Dominic Cooper and tells the Daily Mail: 'I did not know who Rhys was but my friends told me he was a film star and host of the party. They invited us all in and were really lovely and then Rhys went mental and started on my friend. He was slapping him round the face and shoving him. It was pretty terrible. It was completely random. Everyone was having a lovely time. We were invited in and then he just went silly about 20 minutes after we arrived.'

The Metropolitan Police released a statement saying: 'I can confirm police were called at 6.24am on Saturday, February 11, by a man alleging that a friend had been assaulted earlier that night... There was no report of serious injury. Officers attended the hotel at 10.46am and spoke with staff. Despite several attempts, we are yet to speak again with the informant or alleged victim and the investigation will remain open until we do.'

Ifans is well known for his roles in Harry Potter; Hannibal Rising and the recent Anonymous. He will next be seen in the anticipated The Amazing Spiderman, in which he will play antagonist Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard.