NOTTING HILL star Rhys Ifans is in talks to star in the new CARRY ON film.

Rhys, 35, is wanted to star as a lecherous limousine driver in CARRY ON LONDON - a part modelled on the typical characters played by the late SIDNEY James.

Producer JAMES BLACK says, "Rhys is easily the biggest name linked to the film, as he has a Hollywood profile."

A host of British television actors will also appear in the movie.

The original Carry On movies, which starred a regular group of stars including James, KENNETH WILLIAMS, CHARLES HAWTREY, Barbara Windsor and JOAN SIMS, were regular cinema attractions in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s.

The last bid to revive the franchise in the early 1990s, with CARRY ON COLUMBUS, was a failure.

05/11/2003 14:06