Jim Carrey has described his Yes Man co-star Rhys Darby as an "absolutely brilliant" colleague for the upcoming comedy.

The Kiwi comedian stars as Carrey's friendly boss in the Peyton Reed film, an adaptation of Danny Wallace's bestselling book.

The Flight of the Conchords star plays an exuberant character, desperate to make friends with Carrey's uptight protagonist, whose effort to live a more positive life are the subject of the Warner Bros release.

And having played the straight man to Darby's character for many of their shared scenes, Carrey paid tribute to the New Zealand actor at a London press conference.

"He's got that Peter Sellers Madness inside of him," Carrey explained. "It worked out so perfectly, because my character is broken, he doesn't want to be involved with anybody and Norman, Rhys' character, is so full of love and so wants to be my friend that it becomes incredibly painful for my character."

He added: "The worst thing in the world when you want to be left alone is to have somebody coming at you with open-faced love and Rhys was just genius at it."

Director Reed explained he was attracted by Darby's "innocence".

"It's fun in those early scenes because Jim plays a straight man to Rhys and I love that dynamic," he continued.

"He's such a loveable character in the movie that you start to root for Jim's character to snap out of it and be this guy's friend."

Yes Man is released on Boxing Day.

22/12/2008 01:01:01