Chicago rapper Rhymefest is meeting British politician DAVID CAMERON this Thursday (19OCT06) to defend hip-hop music and culture, after the Conservative Party leader recently claimed rap music encourages violence. Rhymecast, who won a Grammy Award in 2005 for co-writing Kanye West's hit single JESUS WALKS, will talk with Cameron at the House Of Commons in London to challenge the politician's views on the genre. In August (06), Rhymefest - real name CHE SMITH - wrote an open letter to Cameron and was surprised to receive a reply. Smith writes in his blog on website, "I challenged (Cameron) to let me perform for him and have dialogue with him about the importance of hip-hop in the community, as well as in the political arena. I never expected a response. "However, I'm scheduled to travel to the UK in order to have this dialogue about hip-hop with Mr Cameron in front of MTV and BBC cameras. Whoever thought that the power of the pen was truly mightier than the sword?"