British actress Rhona Mitra is suffering from what she calls "tree guilt" this Christmas (03) after deciding to splash out on a bushy spruce.

THE PRACTICE star admits she had a terrible time picking her perfect tree because she couldn't help feeling bad for all the ones she ignored.

She says, "I drove by this place and there were all these trees and I felt like I needed to stop and get one and I went in and I felt like I was in a dog shelter.

"I felt really bad for the trees that were being left behind. I thought, 'Oh my God, look at you, you don't have a head - maybe you should come back with me, as well as the lovely chubby, fat bushy tree that I got.'

"Then I was like, 'Rhona, what are you thinking? You've got guilt over trees?'"

24/12/2003 09:48