Bosses at Rhino Records have been forced to rename the title of a new punk hits box set after outspoken SEX PISTOLS star John Lydon took offence to the fact they were using one of his most famous quotes.

The four-CD set was to be called EVER GET THE FEELING YOU'VE BEEN CHEATED - the words Lydon, aka JOHNNY ROTTEN, muttered at the end of the Pistols' final show in 1978.

The group, who have since reformed - minus tragic bass player Sid Vicious, had already upset Rhino by refusing to license any of their songs for the project, and then Lydon informed them he didn't want his words used as the title.

He spits, "It's a f**king insult to be using my quote to back up a product I have nothing to do with. To my mind, that's fraudulent marketing, plain and simple.

"I don't care how much homage they pay to me in the liner notes. They want to use me from a distance and I find that just unacceptable."

The box set, due to be released later this month (OCT03) will now be titled NO THANKS! THE 70S PUNK REBELLION.

22/10/2003 21:19