Jon McClure wants to be called "Photobooth Man."

The Reverend and The Makers frontman was amazed at the ease in which he fitted in during rehearsals with veteran musicians The Silver Cornet Band for his performance at the Jack Daniel's JD Set concert last week/

He said: "I've learned I'm a pretty smooth operation. They should call me the Photobooth Man. I'm in and I'm out and I don't mess. They're a great bunch of musicians. Top league, so it was a pretty smooth affair."

As part of his set, Jon also performed Sex Pistols' classic track 'Pretty Vacant' with their former bassist Glen Matlock and admitted before the show he was excited.

He joked to BANG Showbiz: "What I'm buzzing off most is Glen Matlock coming. They asked me if I wanted to sing 'Pretty Vacant' with him and I was like,'Does a bear s**t in the woods?' I've been practising my shouty cockney."

The finale of the London concert saw Jon, the Silver Cornet Band, Carl Barat and former Suede star Brett Anderson on stage together for a rendition of the Velvet Underground's'Venus In Furs'.

Earlier in the evening, both Brett and Carl had performed their own set with the band.

Carl combined tracks from his former bands The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things with cover versions of singers including tracks by Kanye West's protege Mr. Hudson and girl group the Noisettes.

Brett delighted the crowd by mixing his solo songs with classic Suede songs including'Killing of a Flashboy','Everything Will Flow' and 'The Wild Ones', culminating in a rousing rendition of'Trash'.