Reverend and The Makers frontman JON MCCLURE has vowed to quit the music industry after releasing his band's next album.
British rocker MCClure, who formed the group in 2005, has announced his plans to "retire and become a pedal taxi driver" after their second album, The French Kiss In The Chaos, is released next year (09).
He says, "I don't want anything to do with this industry, it absolutely stinks. I'm gonna go out having told the truth and with my head held high and having stood for something.
"I feel like a sore thumb in a piranha pool in this industry. I don't like the way it's all run by rich men in their 50s who went to private school. It's not something I want to be part of."
And MCClure insists he has no desire to ever rejoin the recording industry, claiming it is now completely devoid of artistic passion.
He adds, "It's all done for profit and not for any degree of musical feeling or sentiment. And the press distort things to such a degree that you've not got a hope of knowing what the truth is so it's not something that I want to participate in or fuel anymore.
"It makes me tired and it makes me feel ill and I don't want anything more to do with it."