Reverend and The Makers claim a message from John Lennon inspired their new single.

The group are set to release 'Silence is Talking' which frontman Jon McLure claims was the result of a studio session undertaken while high on drugs.

He said: "It was made on MDMA, weed and politics. We got really mashed in the studio one night and recorded me singing 'Tomorrow Never Knows'. We turned it backwards and the line 'Feeling love is paramount' came out - exactly like that. That's what I understood Lennon was saying. I sincerely believe that. It's a message."

'Tomorrow Never Knows' was a track penned by the late Beatles star for his group's 1966 album 'Revolver'

Reverend and the Makers won't receive any money from their song - which is released in July - after using a trumpet solo sample which they weren't granted clearance for.

Jon explained to NME magazine: "It's from a track called 'Low Rider' by War. I tried to clear it and they just said, 'No chance'. F**k it though, I'm not in it for the money."