Reverend and The Makers frontman Jon McClure has said he is considering quitting the music business, as he is "disgusted by it".

McClure said he will leave the business after the release of his next album A FRENCH KISS IN THE CHAOS, saying that attitudes within the industry have left him disillusioned.

Speaking to BBC Radio Ulster, he spoke of a festival appearance in which he encouraged the crowd to put up peace signs – something that was branded a 'crassism' by some quarters of the music press.

"Now if it's a crassism to ask people to put up a peace sign at a time when we're at war in two countries, we're shafted.

"And therefore I'm going to retire from the music industry in January because I'm disgusted by it. I don't want nothing to do with it no more," he said.

He added that artists generally get replaced after two albums so he may as well "go out telling the truth".

A FRENCH KISS IN THE CHAOS is due for release early next year.

19/08/2008 11:48:41