Reverend and The Makers frontman Jon McClure has announced the indie band will split after the release of their second album.

The six-piece's single Heavyweight Champion of the World hit the top ten in 2007 and McClure's friendship with Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner looked to have secured a path to fame and fortune for the group.

But despite the band's live popularity and their debut album The State of the Things reaching the top five, McClure has revealed he plans to break up the band as the music industry "absolutely stinks".

Speaking to BBC 6Music, the Sheffield singer said he had sacked his management and planned to retire from music after the January release of new album The French Kiss in the Chaos.

"I'm gonna go out having told the truth and with my head held high and having stood for something," he explained.

"I feel like a sore thumb in a piranha pool in this industry. I don't like the way it's all run by rich men in their 50s who went to private school. It's not something I want to be part of."

He continued: "You get these bands who have a few hits, say like the Pigeon Detectives, who come out with another album trying to do the same thing again.

"I'm going to make a record that's truly artistic, which is the Reverend and the Makers album, that's artistically interesting, then I'm going to retire and become a pedal taxi driver."

McClure also attacked the commercial slant of the music business and blamed the media's distortion of artists' remarks as encouraging his retirement.

"It makes me tired and it makes me feel ill and I don't want anything more to do with it," he added.

19/08/2008 11:40:36