Reverend and The Makers frontman Jon Mcclure has publicly criticised Scottish Dj Calvin Harris, branding his hits "MCdonald's music".

The rocker is adamant The Girls hitmaker, who has carved out a successful global Dj career and regularly tops the charts with his dance tunes, represents all that is wrong with modern music.

He tells Britain's Daily Record newspaper, "People think because I don't like Calvin Harris that I must be anti-Scottish but I'm not.

"l love (Scottish acts) Django Django, Primal Scream, Franz Ferdinand, The Jesus and Mary Chain - but Calvin makes what I call MCdonald's music.

"We came out at a similar time and both made vaguely electronic tunes with a band. And then his A&R (artists and repertoire) man said, 'Instead of doing that song with Leona Lewis, I'll get Rihanna to sing it. Pretend you're a Dj now and don't even be in a band.'

"He doesn't even like his own music. People graft (work) all week and pay a hundred and odd quid (sic) to go to a festival and when he plays live he's just pressing play on a Cd."