Resident Evil: Extinction inched ahead of Resident Evil: Apocalypse on the opening-weekend box-office charts over the weekend, with the latest installment of the franchise earning $23.68 million versus $23 million for the previous sequel in 2004. The original Resident Evil took in $17.7 million in its 2002 debut. The higher result for the new film was attributed to inflation; Apocalypse actually sold more tickets. Coming in second was Lionsgate's Good Luck Chuck, with $13.65 million. Another newcomer, Universal's Sydney White, tanked with just $5.2 million, and, expanding into wide release, Focus Features' Eastern Promises landed in fifth place with just $5.64 million. In limited release, the Sean Penn-directed Into the Wild from Paramount Vantage raked in $212,440 in just four theaters. With an average of $53,110 per theater, it outperformed all wide-release films over the weekend.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Media by Numbers (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date):
1. Resident Evil: Extinction, Sony, $23,678,580, (New); 2. Good Luck Chuck, Lions Gate, $13,652,001, (New); 3. The Brave One, Warner Bros., $7,313,437, 2 Wks. ($25,003,347); 4. 3:10 to Yuma, Lions Gate, $6,157,624, 3 Wks. ($37,718,878); 5. Eastern Promises, Focus Features, $5,641,788, 2 Wks. ($6,443,748); 6. Sydney White, Universal, $5,196,380, (New); 7. Mr. Woodcock, New Line, $4,923,896, 2 Wks. ($15,648,584); 8. Superbad, Sony, $3,110,322, 6 Wks. ($116,181,146); 9 . The Bourne Ultimatum, Universal, $2,872,565, 7 Wks. ($220,239,735); 10. Dragon Wars, Freestyle Releasing, $2,596,278, 2 Wks. ($8,657,527).