Reservoir Dogs star Michael Madsen has been given a 50th birthday gift he'll never forget - Irish moviemaker MARK MAHON has made him godfather to his baby son.
The actor, who hits the half century today (25Sep08), has been asked to act as the guardian to his Strength + Honour director's little boy.
Mahon insists the birthday boy was the perfect choice - because he's such a sweetheart.
The director says, "He is the sweetest guy you will see."
And Mahon hopes his new boxing film will help Madsen break away from playing movie bad guys.
He adds, "There's a lot of studios who invested a lot of money in Michael as a bad guy, so they probably don't want Michael to be seen as a good guy, like he is in my film. I would like to think that Michael is making the transition to playing good guys as well."
As for his birthday plans, Madsen is hoping to spend the day at his pal Quentin Tarantino's home, while the director is out of town.
Madsen says, "I bring my sons to his house and he lets them swim in his pool. His house is filled with memorabilia. The video store that he used to work in has been rebuilt inside his house. He has the Go Go bar from Kill Bill in his basement.
"He has mountains of movie posters and toys. It's like Citizen Kane in his house. It's always really fun to be over there. It's a great place to hang out."