Reservoir Dogs star Michael Madsen wore a custom-made fireproof tuxedo throughout new movie HELL RIDE after film financiers balked at his plans to dress up on the set.
The tough guy challenged producers and insurance officials when he decided his bike rider character The Gent should wear a full tuxedo - because they feared for his safety.
They came to a compromise when a wardrobe mistress insisted she could make Madsen an outfit that was fire retardant.
He explains, "I had a grey tuxedo and the insurance company wouldn't let me wear it because, apparently, the material was flammable.
"They thought that I was going to spontaneously burst into flames when I was riding the Harley down the road, so my tuxedo idea almost went out the window.
"But then the wardrobe people made me one that's not really tuxedo material; just black cloth that's not flammable. It looks great in the film."