Reservoir Dogs star Michael Madsen has confessed to a crush on Italian siren Asia Argento after she beat him up on the set of their new erotic thriller BOARDING GATE. The movie tough guy admits he knew he was dealing with a different female co-star to the ones he has been used to when XXX star Argento showed up on set the first day drinking a can of beer through a straw. He recalls, "That's a strong statement. It says, 'Don't f**k with me.'" But Madsen really took a liking to the sexy Italian in the middle of a bruising fight scene. He adds, "I told her, 'Let's not act - I really want you to try and get past me.' "She tried just about everything: she whacked me with her purse, tried to tackle me, punched me. I picked her up off the ground." So now, Madsen has a new European sweetheart: "I used to have a thing for Juliette Binoche, I thought she was the most interesting European actress. But I gotta give it to Asia now."