Reservoir Dogs star Steve Buscemi discovered it pays to be a movie star after falling for the charms of Sienna Miller in Layer Cake - he discovered they shared the same agent and promptly hired her for his new film. The actor admits he was smitten by the Brit and found an easy way of meeting her after offering her a part in his new movie INTERVIEW. He says, "After watching Layer Cake, I went to the specials on the DVD to see if there were any deleted scenes of her. I just couldn't get enough of her in the film. "I found out that we were with the same agency, and we made the offer at like three in the afternoon, and by seven o'clock that evening she was on the phone with me and she said, 'Yes!'" Miller admits she had similar feelings for Buscemi - the actor had always fascinated her. She tells America's People magazine, "I had always just absolutely adored him as an actor... I thought he would be someone I would learn from, and it (the film) sounded like an interesting project. And that's all it takes really." The odd couple appeared at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah last week (ends26JAN07) to promote Interview.