Reservoir Dogs tough guy Michael Madsen has attacked his one-time co-star Brad Pitt for not standing up for him and helping him land a leading role in his new movie. Tough guy Madsen was offered the chance to play Pitt's movie brother in new western THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD, but the actor refused to audition for the role. Madsen felt sure that Pitt, who teamed up with him in THELMA + LOUISE, would vouch for his acting skills and attitude - but the FRANK JAMES role was offered to Sam Shepard. Upset Madsen says, "You would think Brad would speak up for me. He obviously didn't do that - all because I said I didn't want to read for this movie... I'm terrible at auditions." The Kill Bill star adds, "They gave the role to Sam Shepard who's twice my age and nowhere near the age of the real Frank James... It's just typical of the way things go for me."