Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger is obsessed with house renovations - after she was taught home improvement skills as a child. Zellweger, 39, owes her handiwork talents to her engineer father Emil who made sure she was never too scared to get involved with his various projects as she was growing up. And the Bridget Jones' Diary star insists she is proficient in car maintenance as well as home improvements, and always finds an opportunity to make use of her talents. She says, "He (my father) always made sure my brother and I knew how to change tyres, the oil and the brake shoes. We built a house together, all of us, when I was about nine or 10. "We wired it, laid the foundation and tiled the floors. It's easier than you think. Believe me, when I'm not working, I'm not afraid to pick up a paintbrush. I'm always redoing my places. "During (the filming of 1996 film) Jerry Maguire, I lived in this little apartment I referred to as the 'crack apartment'. I got in there with a shovel and redid the whole place while we were making the movie. "When I told Tom Cruise about it, he went out and bought me a stereo."