Renee Zellweger turned real-life action hero when she saved a woman who had collapsed when out hiking in California's remote Runyan Canyon.

The actress was walking with her personal trainer when she saw the lady faint and fall down part of the canyon - and with no thought for her own safety she rushed to help.

A friend says, "Renee and a friend were just about 50 steps behind the lone woman hiker. Luckily, they saw her when she collapsed and fell partially down the steep canyon.

"Instead of waiting for help, Renee risked her own safety and slid down to help the woman."

As Zellweger's personal trainer went to get help, Renee attended to the stricken woman - and received plaudits for her quick thinking when paramedics arrived.

One says, "If it wasn't for Renee and her pal, anything could have happened, considering the area is plagued by coyotes."

They add, "Renee is a heroine. The woman was thanking her over and over again. But Renee and her friend went back to their workout like it was no big deal."

18/03/2004 13:34