Renee Zellweger is disgusted by the way celebrities are treated as prey by the media and members of the public. Two recent incidents involving gross invasions of superstars' Bruce Springsteen and David Beckham's privacy upset the actress particularly. She tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "Not long ago I was in a restaurant and noticed that a woman at the next table was using her cell phone camera to take pictures of Bruce Springsteen's children. When I asked her what gave her the right to do that - simply because she was in the same restaurant - the woman just looked at me and said, 'This isn't working quite right. I'm only getting chin action on those kids. I need to get at a better angle.' ''She didn't understand how totally wrong that was." And Zellweger claims she "almost cried" when she saw a paparazzi picture of English soccer star Beckham with a woman jumping on his back and punching the air. She says, ''He looked so miserable and she was totally triumphant. It was like she was saying, 'I've won! I'm in this photo!'"