Recently-wed actress Renee Zellweger has another reason to celebrate, after becoming the latest celebrity land a star on the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME.

The OSCAR-winning COLD MOUNTAIN star, who wed country singer Kenny Chesney in a surprise ceremony on 9 May (05), received her honour in a special ceremony late this morning (24MAY05).

After Ceremonial Mayor Johnny Grant named 24 May 2005 Renee Zellweger Day, the blonde beauty humbly told her gathered crowd of supporters, "Thank you so much. The reality of this just hit me a few seconds ago and I am dumbfounded...

"I guess it was in 1988 when I came here first, on Spring Break from the University of Texas, and we walked down these streets, my friends and I.

"I used two rolls of film just on these stars alone. I was so excited just to be here and I had my fingers crossed really tightly that one day I would be invited to participate in some small way in this medium that I love so much.

"But I gotta tell you, I never ever imagined a day like this, or that I would be invited to be part of this legacy. I'm dying right now!'"

24/05/2005 21:16