Oscar-winner Renee Zellweger desperately tried to avoid questions about her quick divorce from country music star Kenny Chesney during an appearance on LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN last night (20DEC06). The Chicago star married Chesney in May 2005 after meeting at tsunami relief benefit concert in January 2005 and had the marriage annulled just four months later. When Letterman said, "Can we talk about your marriage to Kenny Chesney a little bit?" Zellweger quipped sarcastically, "I thought you'd never ask!" The host then said, "Did you kids really try?" Zellweger appeared visibly uncomfortable and said, "It's ok, baby, I can take it. C'mon, let's go. I'm ready!" The star kept trying to avoid the questions, with Letterman asking about the current state of their relationship saying, "Are you still friends with him?" Zellweger said, "Yes, I am still friends with him. Not you, anymore, now we're done! Oh, no, it's all over now. I mean we had a good thing going for years here." When he asked if she had started dating again, she said tentatively, "I like to say I'm not single, I'm just real busy. "I know all the guys in the different frequent flyer clubs around the world. I know them and they're all real nice to me!"