LATEST: Oscar winner Renee Zellweger is furious a journalist claimed she branded her brief marriage to country music star Kenny Chesney the "biggest mistake of my life". The Chicago star was married to Chesney for just 128 days in 2005 and recent reports alleged she bitterly regretted the hasty union. However, Zellweger insists she "never made such a statement". She adds, "I never would, because I know it hurts people when they read stuff like that. "Someone just took it upon himself to make it his business opportunity to give quotes from me, and that was really hurtful and I'm very upset about that, I mean personally upset. "There is no dignity in choosing to discuss those things and I wouldn't and so it upset me. "The only thing I would ever say about my marriage is that I carry that time in my heart, and I want to keep it there."