LATEST: Actress Renee Zellweger has been given the chance to buy her favourite cafe in California.

The CHICAGO star was thrilled when she checked out the remote BAGDAD (corr) CAFE on America's Route 66 in Newberry Springs and discovered a clipping about her hanging on the billboard.

Earlier this month (MAY03), Zellweger excitedly told TV host Jay Leno that she spent years dreaming of visiting the diner ever since she saw the place in the film BAGDAD CAFE.

She recalled of her visit there, "It was a nice afternoon. As I left I saw this billboard of newspaper clippings of great love stories and there it was, the little clip of me with Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire.

"It was so bizarre. I've wanted to go to the Bagdad Cafe and then my picture was on a bulletin board. Life is weird."

And now an advertisement has been taken out in Hollywood trade publication DAILY VARIETY offering her the chance to own it - and the six acres that surround it.

Agent AL SHAFRAN tells her in the ad, "Put your studio here or let Jay ride his bikes here!"

The property is on offer for $350,000 (GBP230,000).

28/05/2003 02:02