Movie star Renee Zellweger is having second thoughts about filming a third installment of BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY - because she fears gaining weight for the role is threatening her long-term health.

The actress has just completed work on THE EDGE OF REASON, the sequel to the film, and she's now trying to lose all the weight she put on to play dumpy Bridget.

But, after watching Morgan Spurlock's acclaimed weight gain documentary SUPERSIZE ME - in which the film-maker guzzles McDonalds fast food treats every day for a month and has to deal with a string of health problems - Zellweger worries her weight gain is costing her her health.

She says she's also upset that the media focuses too much on the weighty preparation for Bridget Jones, and not enough on the film itself.

She explains, "It saddens me a little bit because it sort of slights what's happening as a whole. It's about her (Bridget's) humanity. It's about this wonderful fictional character that I get to experience again."

22/08/2004 10:38