Actress Rene Russo has become a baseball fanatic after letting her driver on the set of new movie Two for the Money turn her into a Boston Red Sox devotee.

The THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR star admits she knew nothing about the sport when she started making the new film - in which she stars alongside AL PACINO - and is now bitterly depressed because her new favourite team and baseball World Series champions have been knocked out of the play-offs.

She says, "I knew nothing about baseball at all last April (05) and he (driver) proceeds, for three months, to tell me every single detail about the Red Sox. I mean everything.

"He brings me in the documentary THE CURSE OF THE BAMBINO, then THE REVERSE OF THE CURSE OF THE BAMBINO, so now I sort of, as compulsive as I am, I start to get into it and now sadly I am a Red Sox junkie and I'm not happy about it... I really was disappointed (when they lost)."