The woman shot by rapper Remy Ma has confessed she might not be able to have children of her own following the 2007 incident.
The 26-year-old hip-hop star - real name Reminisce Smith - was convicted in March (08) of assault, weapons possession and attempted coercion for shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the abdomen.
The 24-year-old victim admits she still cries every time she sees her gunshot wounds - and fears she will never become a mother.
She says, "This thing makes me cry every time I talk about it. I have these ugly scars. My stomach is crazy."
And Barnes-Joseph doesn't believe Smith's eight-year sentence is adequate.
She adds, "She's got a kid. She'll come out in eight years and see her kid. I might not be able to have kids."
However, Smith has questioned Barnes-Joseph's version of events.
She says, "(She's) bending the truth. She's stretching it to make it seem like she did nothing wrong. I don't got to shoot no girls."
And Smith claims she was offered a plea deal that carried a three-year sentence, but turned it down because she believed she would be acquitted.
She adds, "You think I would jeopardise being away from my child for five to 25 years if I even had an inkling that I was guilty of something?"