The attorney representing the woman Remy Ma has been accused of shooting and injuring has blasted the rapper for going public with her conspiracy claims.
Ma, real name Remy Smith, was convicted of first-degree assault and weapons charges for the July, 2007 attack on Makeda Barnes Joseph.
While awaiting sentencing at Rikers Island prison in New York, the rap star conducted a phone interview with Sirius Satellite radio DJ Kay Slay, in which she claimed her conviction was part of a vast conspiracy.
During the interview, Ma said she was "forever innocent" and that the verdict was not based on facts, but on race, telling listeners "don't be mistaken by a jury that was not my peers like, there was not tan, dark brown, black, nothing on that jury. It's a whole conspiracy.
"Just because 12 people say something who weren't there does not mean nothing."
But Barnes-Joseph's lawyer Lauren Raysor has dismissed the convicted star's account of the verdict, stating, "As I recall, the jury was more ethnically diverse than Remy Ma claims and certainly more than her legal team.
"Secondly, her attorney admitted in court that Remy pulled the trigger of the gun she brought into Makeda's car on July 14. The only conspiracy I can see is the one Remy Ma is trying hatch."