Rapper Remy Ma is preparing to document her music comeback in a new reality show following her release from prison next week (begs28Jul14).

The Lean Back star, real name Reminisce Smith, has been granted an early release from the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in New York after completing six years of an eight-year sentence for her part in a 2007 shooting incident.

She is planning to resurrect her career as soon as she walks free and she claims her management representatives have pushed her into signing up for a reality series about her comeback after previously expressing an interest in the idea.

During a phone interview from prison, Remy Ma tells New York radio DJ Angie Martinez, "They're making me do it... I keep telling them no, it's too real. They don't wanna listen to me. I can't control my spur of the moment (decisions); they're making me do it. It's happening.

"It's about my career, it's gonna be about me leaving here (prison), me getting back into (my career)."

Remy, who used her time behind bars to obtain her college degree, won't be the only rapper to have a reality show - T.I., DMX and Ice-T have all given fans an insight into their private lives, while Ja Rule, who was released from prison last year (13), is set to front a new family show called Follow the Rules.