REM rocker Michael Stipe becomes so high from adrenaline during live performances, he can only relax after racing away from the venue with all his car windows down.

The singer/songwriter finds it hard to mingle with friends and family immediately after a show and prefers to zoom off into the night instead.

He explains, "The 15 minutes after I come off (stage), I'm incapable of having any kind of normal transaction with anyone. It doesn't matter who it is; my adrenal level is so high, I need that decompression.

"The car windows down is just because I'm sweating so hard. It's like a dog with his head out the window."

The eccentric rocker then likes to further unwind by cooking for pals.

He adds, "The adrenalin jump's so high when performing that I have to bring myself back down to earth by doing things like preparing meals for my friends."