REM frontman Michael Stipe was left thrilled after getting the chance to perform live on stage with his heroes Radiohead last month (AUG03).

The SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE singer shared a stage with lead singer Thom Yorke and his bandmates at the gig in Vancouver, Canada on 30 August (03) where he sang hit track Karma Police with the British rockers.

Stipe enthuses, "They invited me up to sing Karma Police and I was really honoured because nobody gets up with tha (sic) Radiohead. I did a good job on the chorus and danced around a little.

"The best part of the show for me, favourites aside, was A WOLF AT THE DOOR which was like watching a caterpillar chrysalis in varispeed and human form right before your eyes."

26/09/2003 02:09