REM frontman Michael Stipe is relishing his band's summer tour because he loves performing to European audiences.

The SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE veterans kick off the tour in Granada, Spain next week (25MAY05) before travelling to Germany, Austria, Italy, Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia - ending in Cardiff, Wales in July (05).

Stipe explains, "I'm looking forward to this summer tour simply because I love Europe; it's no secret how much I love Dublin and Ireland, and I love the heat, so for me performing outdoors on a summer night is about as good as it gets."

The singer is even planning how he'll come down from the rush of performing 30 back-to-back live dates.

He adds, "I don't really have it mapped out beyond the end of the tour, I don't really have plans. I'm going to stay in Europe for a spell and probably jump on the U2 tour and the Patti Smith tours, just to allow my adrenalin to creep down rather than crash from our tour. And just spend time with friends and family."

20/05/2005 19:35